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Working together to learn more about our insect neighbours, we are a group of researchers and volunteers, adults and children, all getting the buzz about pollinators – because science starts at home!

Insects provide so many benefits to humans.  Pollinating our crops and flowers, battling pests, and bringing flashes of colour and life into our shared environments, insects have important roles to play in the natural world we depend on.  Yet many of our actions and choices also put pressure on the wildlife around us, and if we want to help make sure our bees have a bright future, we need to get a good understanding of what is happening to them across the UK.

buzz club

Field work! Dave leads a bee-walk in the Downs.

buzz club

A rare Bombus distinguendus inspects a Red Clover

Gardens and allotments can be very important sources of information for getting to grips with what problems and pressures our insect neighbours are facing.  These are where we humans interact most closely with wildlife, so a bit of effort in these shared spaces can tell us a huge amount about what is going on in the wider country as well.

Why are some species disappearing, and how quickly?  How many are left, and where are they found?  What about our garden favourites – how are they doing?  And what can we best do to help? How can we turn our gardens into havens for bees, hoverflies, and other wildlife?

The Buzz Club aims to answer these questions by bringing together the enthusiasm and curiosity of the UK public, with the latest large-scale “citizen science” projects from the University of Sussex.  We run fun nationwide surveys and experiments, suitable for children, schools, adults and the whole family.  The data collected by volunteers is analysed by Sussex scientists, helping us give better advice on how to garden for pollinators, as well contributing to cutting-edge conservation planning – see our publications list, for where Buzz Club data has fed into the latest research from our team.

We invite you to join the club, help answer important ecological questions, and learn more about the insects living in your gardens.  Membership involves a small annual or monthly fee, to cover our costs and any equipment needed. For this we send everything you need to take part in whichever of our nationwide surveys you would like to join, plus new experiments each year. 100% of this money goes to running these vital projects.

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