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Air Bee n' Bee 2017

Project leaders: Dr. Rob Fowler PhD and Mr. Xavier McNally MSc candidate. Contact Xavier by email at: xm45@sussex.ac.uk

Can you give a bee a home?

Use the sign up link below to be a part of Air Bee n' Bee, our project aimed at creating and testing solitary bee hotels across the country with your help!

Most species of bee in the UK are solitary. Whilst some nest below the ground others nest in cavities such as old plant stems. Females create individual 'cells' inside the stems using mud or leaves, in which they lay an egg. Each cell is then stuffed full of pollen and the larvae are left to grow in the summer heat. Emerging as adults around April/May, the offspring chew their way out of the nest and go on to fulfil their role as pollinators.

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Are you keen to make your own hotel?

Building your bee hotel is easy as can bee!!

We will send you a starter pack to get you on your way to becoming a citizen scientist. It will include instructions on how to build the hotel, where to place it in your garden and even what data we need you to record. A plethora of species such as
Red Mason bees and Leaf-cutter bees are likely to be attracted by the warm shelter you will provide. Finding out which DIY hotels they prefer will help us preserve pollinators more easily.

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2018 sign up:

Help give the Bees a home this Spring...

Please sign up below and become a part of Air Bee n' Bee 2018!

Also our freinds at the Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society (BWARS) show us 'how to' make a bee hotel.

  • www.bwars.com

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