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Air Bee n' Bee 2017

Project leader: Dr. Rob Fowler PhD.
Contact Rob by email at: R.E.Fowler@sussex.ac.uk

Can you give a bee a home? Air Bee n’ Bee is a project which aims to get people making their own solitary bee ‘hotels’, which allow nesting space for a range of solitary bees in the spring and summer months.

Most species of bee in the UK are solitary. Many nest below the ground but some species nest in cavities such as old plant stems. Females make individual ’cells’ inside the stems to which they add pollen and nectar before laying an egg and sealing the cell with mud or sometimes leaves. The larvae eat the pollen and then spin a cocoon. They remain inside the nest over winter before emerging as adults and chewing their way out of the nest the following spring.

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Are you keen to make your own hotel?

The Buzz club run a competition to see who can make the best bee hotel! Please send us pictures of your bee hotels either at Facebook, www.facebook.com/TheBuzzClub, on twitter, www.twitter.com/the_buzz_club, or via email to: info@thebuzzclub.uk

Providing a bee hotel can be a great way to promote solitary bees such as the Red Mason bee and Leafcutter bees (pictured) in your garden. It isn’t difficult either! Bee hotels can be made from a variety of materials, and as long as they are placed in a warm but sheltered position they can attract a plethora of bees.

Once your hotel is in use, we will ask you to record certain things about the bees nesting in your hotel, giving us usable data to answer important questions about bee ecology and populations.

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School's sign up:

Getting involved with the Bees ...

Our freinds at survey monkey have provided us with this 'sign-up' survey.

Also our freinds at the Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society (BWARS) show us 'how to' make a bee hotel.

  • www.bwars.com

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