Our Projects

We have a range of exciting projects open for Buzz Club members, perfect for all ages, schools, garden groups, and anyone else who is keen!

To become a member, join here. Membership allows you to participant in all our projects, support the work we do and become a part of a nationwide group of citizen-scientists.

© The Buzz Club Bee Hotel

Air Bee n' Bee

Help us to find out which kind of bee hotel provide the best habitat for solitary bees.

© The Buzz Club Calculator

Garden Shop Calculator

Grow your own food? Use our Garden Shop Calculator to work out how much your food would cost to buy in the shop and how much is ‘owed’ to pollinators.

© The Buzz Club Eristalis nemorum

Hoverfly Lagoons

Help us design suitable habitat for breeding hoverflies by creating small ‘lagoons’ out of buckets packed with organic matter and water

© The Buzz Club Pan Trap

Polinator Abundance Network

Join PAN to help us measure the abundance of pollinators across the UK.

© The Buzz Club Sow Wild

Sow Wild

Do small wildflower patches in urban areas help to increase the abundance and diversity of pollinating insects?

© The Buzz Club Apis mellifera

Team Pollin-ATE

A Brighton & Hove based project aimed at learning more about the pollination of food grown in the city.

© The Buzz Club Buzzing Balconies

Buzzing Balconies

A Brighton & Hove based project aiming to empower those with balconies and window boxes to help and study pollinators.

Other upcoming projects

The work listed above is just the start of the Buzz Club‘s plans for organising an exciting range of new projects for our members; generating important data for us, while helping families and adults to learn more about what’s living and what’s going on in their gardens. Current ideas include:

  • Garden Plant Surveys – what are you growing, and where?  Planned or not?  Weeds, natives, or unusual horticultural delights – what do you plant, and why?

  • Home Grown Crops – Grow Your Own is popular and fun, but what benefits does it have for us and local insects? 

  • Predatory Insect Surveys – what else is on the prowl in your herbaceous borders?  Friend, foe, or something in between?