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Sow Wild!

Project leader: Mrs Janine Griffiths-Lee PhD candidate.
Contact Janine by email at: j.griffiths-lee@sussex.ac.uk

Bees and other pollinators depend on flower-rich habitats to provide them with vital pollen and nectar. Planting wildflower patches in farmland is known to increase numbers of bumblebees, but we do not know how well this approach works in urban environments.

Our 'Sow Wild!' project aims to find out.

With increasing urbanisation in the UK, it is important that we can understand the effects of changes on our pollinators, and whether there are simple techniques that we can use to boost pollinator populations in effected areas. Sow Wild! is one of several techniques and projects that we are running, that we hope will tell us more about how best to look after pollinators in gardens and other urban spaces.

© The Buzz Club Sow Wild! Each project kit will contain enough wildflower seed for a 2x2m-patch

The project

Attention allotment-holders and gardens!

Sow Wild! is a three year project which initially started in 2016. We have a large group of green-fingered allotment-holders and gardeners who have sowed a wildflower patch, and now sample for pollinating insects during the summer months.

We have received great feedback, as volunteers tell us how much they are learning and are enjoying conducting experiments in their garden! The first set of results are currently being analysed, and shows there is a large amount of diversity in our urban environments.

We are excited to see what shows up in the next 2 years!

© The Buzz Club Sow Wild! Each project kit will contain enough wildflower seed for a 2x2m-patch

Getting involved:

Signing up for this project

We hope to continue with this project for longer than 3 years, and if so, the next sign-up for this project will be open again in 2018. If you would like to express an interest in the future project, or similar upcoming projects, please get in touch with Janine at the email: j.griffiths-lee@sussex.ac.uk

For the Sow Wild! project we sent out all the kit needed, including packs of wildflower seeds, sampling equipment and identification guides.