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Pollinator fact sheet

A few little facts about these lovely little creatures,

and why they are so important to us:

  • There are estimated to be over 20,000 species of bee in the world, with many still to be classified. There are ~ 250 currently in the UK.

  • Bees are not the only pollinators of flowers in the UK; Butterflies, Moths, Hoverflies and (yes, even!) Wasps also visit flowers and can contribute to pollination.

  • Some estimates say there are around 1500 animal species that help contribute to pollination of flowers in the UK alone.

  • Animals help pollinate 87.5% of flowering plants globally, and 35% of food crops.

  • Bees have a range of different morphological and behavioural traits which enable them to carry pollen (e.g.,) Hylaeus bees collect pollen in their crop (honey stomach) and regurgitate pollen and nectar when provisioning brood cells.

  • Bees can be solitary or social, meaning they can have a single female bee, or a whole colony with one Queen and many workers helping her.

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